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Study Abroad Program

English Unlimited represents various schools, universities and institutions in important cities around the world. We assess interested students and assist them in making decisions on which programs to take. This service is offered FREE OF CHARGE. 


Our services include the following:

1. Information about different courses and programs available
2. Provide detailed information about school, universities and institutions.
3. This includes the school’s location, city and country information, enrollment procedure, tuition fees, course duration and other relevant information.
4. Accommodation options (if available).
5. We are the official link between student and the school or institution.
6. We prepare the student for other necessary requirements like courses, fees, food and lodging, transportation, etc.
7. We inform our students on what they need to do and what to bring.



English Unlimited offers the following options when studying abroad:

- Middle schools
- High schools
- Universities
- Language schools
- Technical schools  


The schools and universities we represent offer courses for:

- Monthly courses
- Tri-monthly courses
- Six month courses
- Academic year programs
- Summer or winter programs